[MF,WU] Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) ENGLISH R6 LiNE 720p [Mediafire,Wupload]

The narrator says that long ago in ancient China, Peacock clan who ruled the city of Gongma makes the happiness of this country with the creation of fireworks until his son, Lord, Shen (Gary Oldman) used their destructive potential as a weapon to rule the country. Parents when he learned of the goat, the seer of the court (Michelle Yeoh), as "a black and white warrior" that one day conquer, Shen pandas a whole town was killed to prevent the prophecy. "S is horrified by this atrocity prohibited Shen and Shen Gongma City, who has sworn revenge.

[MF,WU] Conan OBrien Cant Stop (2011) BRRip [Mediafire,Wupload]

The film opens with a short segment explaining the events that seemed to culminate in the launch of the Tour de Conan prohibited by law. It focuses on the gap with NBC and the outpouring of support from his fans, while the failure of the party.

Conan documentary goes on to explain that the idea of ​​the trip came to them while thinking that they could have done six months have been prohibited by law from appearing on television. The next segment shows an overview of tanks for the trip, and very nervous, Conan and team members as they wait to see the results in real time to see if they would sell. All seats will begin selling the pace, and the scene is ready to continue planning your trip.

[MF,WU] The Ledge (2011) BRRip [Mediafire,Wupload]

The film opens with Detective Hollis Lucette, played by Terrence Howard, received the news from a doctor who was barren all her life. The film moves quickly Gavin Nichols, an atheist played by Charlie Hunnam, standing on a ledge to jump. A small crowd forms below and Gavin Hollis responds to the emergency.

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